Friday, March 26, 2010

Daffy Duck in Fowl Play: Level 1

Daffy Duck in Fowl Play... a 1999 Game Boy Color title produced by Sunsoft. The plot of the game simply revolves around two things: Daffy Duck's greed, and his rivalry with Bugs Bunny. The object is to amass as much wealth as possible, while avoiding just about anything and everything that can knock him around. Also, Daffy needs nourishment, which means eating food. Personally, the game is too short, and there isn't much to deal with. However, I personally will play this game until completion, which is six stages. Stage 1 is the farm, a simple stage that allows the player to get a few basics out of the way, while dealing with angry dogs, and vengeful chickens. The boss fight is the first encounter with Bugs, who tosses 16 ton weights in an attempt to flatten Daffy.
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