Friday, March 26, 2010

The Foghorn Leghorn(1948)

Henery Hawk is talking with his father about wanting to get a chicken, but Henery's father dissuades him, as he'd get in the way. Notably, Henery's father lies about what a chicken looks like, leaving Henery in the dark as to what a chicken really is. Henery's father raids a chicken coop and walks out with a couple of chickens, but is stopped by Foghorn, who doesn't let Henery's father get a word in edgewise before kicking him out. (Foghorn uses this technique against a cat several times, two years later in A Fractured Leghorn, because the cat wants the same worm as Foghorn.) When Henery asks his father if that was a chicken, his father claims Foghorn isn't a chicken but a "loud-mouthed schnook" (walking away with a yellow stripe down his back). Henery goes over to Barnyard Dawg's house, and knocks the dog out with a hammer. Foghorn stops them and asks Henery what he thinks he is � to which Henery replies that Foghorn is a "loud-mouthed schnook." Foghorn isn't helped when the dog wakes up and kicks him, calling him a schnook. Foghorn continues to try and convince Henery that "I'm a chicken. Rooster, that is." He tries to crow at "sun-up" (pulling up a cardboard cutout of the sun and crowing), but that doesn't work. As Henery exits before Foghorn can even finish his demonstration, leaving only two signs in his absence. The first reading; "Shnook!" and the second saying; "Loud Mouth'd That Is!". When Henery pushes along a trunk, Foghorn again tries to straighten Henery out ...
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