Monday, April 19, 2010

Bugs Bunny Orchestra Edited Cartoon

This was for a project in music and the media and i added a bunch of music and sound effects and narration along with my partner. There's only narration for hte purposes of the project requirements, if it were our choice there wouldnt be any narration. I just like all the different music changes so let me know what you think! Music used in the video (in order): 1.(0:00) The Blitz 1940 - Harry Gregson-Williams 2.(0:18) I dont know the name of this song my teacher gave it to me 3.(0:28) The Black Pearl - Klaus Badelt 4.(0:39) Vesuvious - Frank Ticheli 5.(0:54) The Blits 1940 6.(1:03) Fireworks - Nicholas Hooper 7.(1:18) Beethoven's 5th (Fantasia 200) - Beethoven 8.(1:24) Flight of the Bumble Bee - Rimsky-Korsavok 9.(1:42) Fairtytale - Harry Gregson-Williams 10.(2:39) Main Titles (Planet of the Apes) - Danny Elfman 11.(3:01) The Black Pearl 12.(3:08) Quiditch World Cup - Patrick Doyle 13.(3:12) I also dont know the name of this for the same reasons 14.(3:15) Quiditch World Cup 15.(3:21) Fireworks 16.(3:26) Another Story - Nicholas Hooper 17.(3:40 Beethoven's 5th 18.(3:45) Flight of the Bumble Bee 19.(3:48) Vesuvius Many of these songs are from the film scores of: Chronicles of Narnia Pirates of the Carribean Harry Potter Shrek Planet of the Apes
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