Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My New Video Intro Version 4

Yes, I finally made a new intro! :D Version 4 this time I believe! ^^ I LOVE this vid! Maybe I'll make it into an animash! X3 Ok, credit time! Lilo and Stitch (C) Disney Camp Lazlo (C) Joe Murray Ben 10 (C) Man Of Action The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy (C) Maxwell Atoms Spyro (C) Insomniac Space Jam (C) Warner Brothers Sonic X (C) Sonic Team/SEGA/4Kids Charlie and Lola (C) Lauren Child Ed, Edd N' Eddy (C) AKA Cartoons My Little Pony Tales (C) Hasbro Digimon (C) Atari KND (C) Mr. Warburton Robotboy (C) Jan Van Rijsselberge Pinky and the Brain (C) Warner Brothers Krypto the Superdog (C) Warner Brothers Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends (C) Craig McCracken Sonic Underground (C) DiC Monster's Inc. (C) Disney Pixar Beyblade (C) Madhouse The Lion King 2 (C) Disney Alvin and the Chipmunks (C) 20th Century Fox Strawberry Shortcake (C) DiC Johnny Test (C) Warner Brothers Homeward Bound (C) Disney Phew...
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