Tuesday, May 25, 2010

13" Unibody MacBook Pro | Apple Mighty Mouse | Incase Sleeve | Unboxing

I've finally purchased my first Mac! It's the new Unibody Macbook Pro and I'm loving everything about it! BUY MACBOOK PRO: www.Extreme-Days.com BUY MIGHTY MOUSE: www.Extreme-Days.com BUY INCASE SLEEVE: www.Extreme-Days.com Check Out The Blog: www.Extreme-Days.com Follow Me On Twitter Twitter.com Join Me On Facebook: www.Extreme-Days.com I've been wanting to switch over to the Mac Os X Platform for years, but I didn't have the money or the motivation. Now that I'm going away for most of the summer, I needed a laptop and I decided to make the big buy! I decided to purchase my 13" Unibody Macbook Pro from Craigslist because purchasing a new Macbook was slightly out of my range. This turned out to be a bonus, as Apple's Mighty Mouse and Incase's Black Incase came included with my purchase. I will have separate reviews for each of these products later on. I must say, for the first time owning a Mac, it's not too hard to get used to, and the multitouch trackpad is just amazing! The trackpad should have been invented years ago, it is by far the easiest trackpad to pick up. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best purchase I could have made and am extremely happy I bought it! Check back later for my full reviews on everything included with my 13" Unibody Macbook Pro! www.themodelship.com http
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  1. Congrats! I've got the same one and it's GREAT!