Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mickey Mouse Cartoon � Steamboat Willie (Nov. 18, 1928)

Mickey is a steamboat pilot captained by Pete, trying to impress Minnie and make a little music along the way. Characters � Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pete, Parrot Credits: Director � Walt Disney Animation � Ub Iwerks, Les Clark, Johnny Cannon, Wilfred Jackson, Dick Lundy Music � Carl Stalling Conductor � Carl Edouarde Milestones � The first Mickey cartoon released, and Disney's first animated film with a synchronized sound recording. Cut Scenes � Some scenes of what might be considered gratuitous animal violence have been cut including Mickey playing a nursing sow's teats like an accordion keyboard, pulling a cats tail and swinging it around his head, and using a goose as a bagpipe. Some of these cuts have since been reinstated. Awards � Added to the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress in 1998.
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