Friday, March 19, 2010

Mighty Mouth feat. Insooni - Smile MV (English Sub)

the part where they go "Ilcho,Illso" is a sino-korean it roughly means "1 laugh gives 3 seconds to your life" kinda like that phrase" apple a day, keeps the doctor away" ........................ Yay~ mighty mouth! Always doing collaboration with someone. it's good to hear them sing. not sure whose idea it was to name this song "smile", "laugh" is a better fit, but ...w/e. Insooni is the best female Korean vocalist in the kpop industry. She's got range, power, understanding, talent and everything else. She's also known as the "teacher" by her peers for knowing all types of knowledge, philosophy, techniques involving singing and music! some bad news... the website I download my YT video has been shut down. Not sure if its temporarily or permanently. I was going to sub "A boy" by G dragon today,and website wouldn't work. For my fans sake, i hope its just temporarily problem.
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