Friday, April 2, 2010

Sylvester & Tweety in Tom Tom Tomcat (captured from Super 8mm film)

My father has a good collection of Super 8mm films, including family movies shot at 18fps. Back in 1993 I asked a photographer to transfer these to video and I was shocked by the price he asked. So I decided to do it myself using my Sony TR-805E Hi8 camera. Read all about my method in this Wikipedia article written back in 2006: This cartoon is just a sample of what my method is capable of if done correctly. Of course the saturation was corrected later in the computer, but you will see no flicker, no bright spot at the center of the screen. If your film is rather good and you follow my method exactly, you will hardly need any corrections later. This is to convince some disbelievers that claim telecine by shooting the screen sucks. The real answer is "it depends on how it is done". If done correctly is a FREE alternative to other expensive methods, and certainly better alternative to give a fortune for professional transfer. Pity the film was silent, but I could some other time upload a sound film. Enjoy!
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