Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Daffy Duck's histrionics are wildly on display in this clever Looney Tunes entry produced by Leon Schlesinger and directed by Frank Tashlin. Porky and Daffy can't pay the bill at the Broken Arms Hotel, and the hotel manager is not going to let them leave until they do. This sets up a gag fest centering on how many tricks it will take to escape. Out of desperation, Daffy finally phones Bugs for advice, triggering a cameo appearance by the wild hare. As usual, Mel Blanc voices all of the characters: Porky, Daffy, Bugs, the Hotel Manager and Daffy's gambling partner. MATINEE at the BIJOU With Host DEBBIE REYNOLDS is COMING SOON to public television in HD. Visit the MATINEE at the BIJOU Blog and enjoy free weekly BIJOU Mini-Matinees at

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