Friday, July 30, 2010

(Blooper) Bunny: Bugs Bunny's 51 1/2 Anniversary Spectacular

Here is a "classic" Bugs Bunny cartoon short made in 1991 to celebrate the 51st and a Half Birthday of the world's best loved cartoon character- Bugs Bunny. Unfortunately, Mel Blanc, "The Man of a Thousand Voices," died about 3 years before this was made. It was never released theatrically, (hence there is no MPAA logo in the credits) and was locked up in the Warner Bros. Studio Vault for years. Cartoon Network discovered this cartoon in 1997 and was aired that year. This film was first released on DVD in 2003 for the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 1 (from which I recorded this with my Pinnacle Video Transfer Device). I think you folks will enjoy this film as much as the original Warner Bros. Cartoons. Porky Pig: Th-Th-Th- That's all, Folks! LOL NOTE: Copyright 1991, Warner Bros. Pictures
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