Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mighty Mouse Disassembly & Repair

My Apple wired Mighty Mouse couldn't scroll up, so I decided to take it apart to clean it out. I had to clean the mouse's balls. I apologize for the quality (the way it looked, not resolution wise) of the video. I was using a Nikon Coolpix S6 to record so I had to wrap my arms around the camera to perform the operation. I had to look at the viewfinder to see if my hands were in frame. If I had a camcorder I could just sit down at the desk to do it, but I didn't have one. I might have said these in the video, but here are a few quick comments on the disassembly: When you take the ring off, you have to use some force. You can't be afraid of cracking the plastic, it is actually pretty sturdy. Also when you remove the ribbon cables, just remove the cables. You don't have to remove the black plastic end that connects the cable to the circuit board. When cleaning the scroll ball itself, take the white plastic off with your fingers. Don't pull too hard, just gently tug on it and it will go. The rollers are magnetic and tiny, tiny, tiny. They are really easy to loose. Put them in a place where you will not knock them off the table. When you put the rollers back in, put the white plastic upside-down and make sure the white plastic part sticking out like there are two stairs on both sides of it are facing you. Put the magnetic rollers in and make sure the black magnetic parts face right. Slot them in the holes and then put the scrolling device on the the plastic upside-down with ...
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