Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is Tweety Bird A Boy or a GirL?

Have you ever wonder the gender of Tweety bird? He's the little yellow canary bird that is the eternal target of Sylvester the Cat. Tweety usually benefits from either the intercession of outsiders, such as Granny or one of the generic bulldogs that infest WB cartoons, or just plain cartoon laws of gravity and luck. On occasion, and this was particularly true in his first few cartoons, Tweety would take the offensive in protecting himself. Tweety was the creation of Bob Clampett, who had a fascination with baby birds he fondly remembered from nature films, as well as a baby picture of himself he remembered rather less fondly. While WB had had similar birds before, Clampett gave the bird a lisping baby voice, a head proportioned like a baby, and a temperament borrowed perhaps from the Red Skelton character of Junior, the Mean Widdle Kid. In his debut in A Tale of Two Kitties and in the follow-ups Birdy and the Beast and A Gruesome Twosome, Tweety shows that he is no helpless little orphan, as he uses gasoline, hand grenades, dynamite and clubs to protect himself. Originally pink, Tweety was changed to yellow, after censors complained. Clampett did some of the early preliminary work on Tweetie Pie before turning the project over to Friz Freleng, who steered it to an Oscar-winning cartoon. The cartoon has caused some confusion in the name of the character. Sometimes the character is referred to as Tweety, but other times the character is referred to as Tweetie Pie, muddying ...
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  1. I always assumed Tweetie was male. In the old days, almost all the cartoon characters were.

    Not knowing he was ever pink, we all assumed Tweetie was a canary. Male canaries are the ones who sing, so they were the ones people like the little old lady kept as pets.

    People only kept female canaries if they wanted to breed them.