Tuesday, July 13, 2010

90's Cartoon Network Promos

Slight update from my old version. My sister told me we had another tape with that first song in it's entirety, so I went back and put it in, as well as a little promo from 1992. Sorry about the quality of some of these, but I was using my original video for the bulk of this (these came from several different tapes, and it is EXTREMELY time consuming to compile these) Here's what you get in this video: 1. We're Talking Toon Here 2. Like No Other TV on Earth Song 3. Cartoon Hound Song 4. Cartoon Dance Song 5. As the World Toons 6. Boomerang Promo 7. Super Chunk Promo 8. Super Chunk: The Impossibles 9. Flintstones Promo: Fred Head 10. ID: Paw Rugg 11. ID: George Jetson 12. ID: Super Chicken 13. George of the Jungle Promo: Calls of the Wild
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