Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mighty Mouse Intro Mighty Mouse was the mightiest mouse in the whole universe! In fact Mighty Mouse was so popular that in the eighties there were actually two versions of the Mighty Mouse Cartoon on tv. the later version is covered in a parent page to this one, and was called 'Mighty Mouse: the New Adventures' by Bakshi-Hyde Venutres. This version, which was released in 1979 was called ' The New Advnetures of Mighty Mouse' produced by Filmation. The basic storyline of the cartoon is that there is a superman like mouse called Mighty Mouse, who is committed to fighting evil and fighting crime. Mighty Mouse has a crush on the beautiful Pearl Pureheart. Unfortunately for him the main villain of the show Oil Can Harry also carries a candle for Pearl and keeps kidnapping her! This was an update of the Paul Terry cartoon Mighty Mouse from the 1940's, which in turn was based on a Super Fly created by Izzy Klein. Very briefly Mighty Mouse was orignially known as Super Mouse, (as a parody of Super Man), however when Terry found out that Super Mouse already existed as a character within existing comic strips his name was changed to Mighty Mouse. This version of the cartoon was released in 1979 alongisde another famous Paul Terry cartoon called Heckle and Jeckle, also the half-hour show included a new character Quakula (a vampire Duck, not to be confused with Count Duckula!). This was followed by a Might Mouse film, released in cinemas called 'Mighty Mouse in the Great Space ...
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